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Download LeadPod™ to your Android device

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4 Simple Steps to download LeadPod™ through the App Store

  1. In your specific app store, type "leadpod" into the search function of you Apple or Android device
  2. Click "Get"
  3. Then click "Install"


4. After it is installed, you will be brought to the log-in screen shown in image 4.

Hit the "Scan QR Code" button and then scan the QR code for your specific event. If you do not have an event QR code and would simply like to demo the app, please scan the demo QR code provided below.

If you prefer to type the show license key instead of scanning the QR code, please do so in the text box and then hit the "Sign-In" button.

Press the button which says "Start Sync"

Syncing might take a few minutes. Once the sync is complete, you can test the functions of the app! If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to contact us at

The license key shown below is for demo use only. This license can not be used on-site for lead retrieval. If you would like to use LeadPod™ at an upcoming event, please click here.


Now you are ready to being collecting leads!


This is the home screen you should see once you sign into the app.

Here you will find:

  • Your recent scans
  • Total acquired leads
  • Leads marked to call immediately
  • Leads marked as a hot prospect

To scan a badge hit the "Acquire" button in the bottom navigation. This will bring up a camera display. Simply point the screen towards the badge, and you will be on your way to capturing leads!

Practice scanning a badge with the samples below:
Please note: these badges will only work with the demo QR code and not an event-specific QR code.

Make sure you test these badges on a large screen so that the badges are close to life-size. Small screens on phones and tablets may inhibit scanning. 

Jeffrey_sample badge_v2.jpg


After the badge is scanned, you will be able to add notes, select standard qualifiers, and edit the contact information for the lead. Custom qualifiers can be added to your order for a fee.


At the end of the show, you will have access to our online portal to download your leads after the event!



Under the settings button located in the upper right part of your homescreen, you can select a winner that is randomly generated from your list of leads.



Are you an exhibitor and Expo Logic is providing lead retrieval at your upcoming show? To order, click the link below.

Order Lead Retrieval

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