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Exhibitors spend a lot of time and money on events so they can acquire new business. In return, they often have high expectations when it comes to the lead retrieval technologies available to them.

Provide your exhibitors with advanced lead retrieval solutions that maximize their ROI and give them more opportunities to connect with attendees. Expo Logic offers innovative lead retrieval tools that are easy-to- use and capture accurate data. Order Now

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We have 3 lead retrieval solutions to choose from:


LeadPod Pro App

LeadPod Pro is our mobile app solution for your lead retrieval needs. Simply download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store to any supported mobile device and use the purchased license to start collecting leads. The LeadPod Pro app uses the camera from your mobile device to scan the badge barcode and gather the lead information. Record notes directly from your device’s touchscreen, select qualifiers, and view your leads straight from the app. When connected to Wi-Fi, sync your leads to a password protected online portal to view or download them instantly.

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LeadKey® Device

LeadKey is a small, hand-held badge scanner used to collect leads. This battery powered device is easy-to-use and helps you gather leads quickly and efficiently. Take notes or apply action codes to further qualify your leads making for easier follow-up after the event. Using the LeadKey, your leads are uploaded to a password protected online portal at the end of the event. Access this portal to view your leads online or download them to your own device.

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Lead Manager Device

The Lead Manager is a compact, battery powered hardware device used to scan leads. This device is user-friendly and has a touch screen for easy navigation. Use the barcode scanner to gather leads at your booth and enter notes right on the device. Your leads are synced automatically throughout the event and are downloaded from the device at the end of the event to ensure all leads have been sent to your online portal.

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Lead Manager

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Exhibitor Meeting Tool

Connect with attendees beyond the show floor with EXPOConnections. With this powerful tool you can quickly and easily schedule attendees for one-on-one meetings either before or during an event. Simply select a time and location and your appointment will be booked in real-time. Simultaneously, a notification will be sent to the attendee. Meeting room availability is continuously updated so no cross-booking can occur.

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