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Event marketing is not just important, it is integral to the success of your event. We understand the impact event marketing can have on attendance and on your budget. Expo Logic provides an innovative and advanced solution to getting the most out of your event marketing with little cost to you.

Marketing With EXPOBrander®

Expo Logic is pleased to announce the launch of its latest innovative event and trade show service, EXPOBrander. This new technology solution takes event marketing to the next level by empowering exhibitors and online publishers to market any event.

In 2016, Expo Logic piloted the program with a handful of clients and met with exceptional results.

“We had one client’s event registration increase by 25% with EXPOBrander. It’s a remarkable service and we’re excited to see how the rest of our clients will benefit from the additional marketing it provides,”commented Jeff Cooper, President and CEO of Expo Logic.

The secret to EXPOBrander’s success is its ability to harness the power of networking connections and marketing activities performed by each exhibitor and member of the press who participates in the service. 


Here's How It Works:

EXPOBrander empowers your exhibitors and press contacts to market your event. Any exhibitor or member of the press who signs up for EXPOBrander will be given their own branded link to your event's registration page and graphic banners which they can share in communications with prospects and on their own website. 

This ensures that anyone visiting an exhibiting company’s website will know about your upcoming event and have an opportunity to immediately register by clicking on the link.

When visitors land on the registration page, they will see the logo from the company who sent them alongside your event logo.

Through the EXPOBrander registration portal, exhibitors and press contacts can access a list of event registrants who signed up via their branded link. 

As the event organizer, you can access all registrations records in the portal and view attendance reports.



  • Your event is promoted across many websites and exhibitor communications
  • Your event is marketed to prospects you otherwise would not reach
  • Your event website gets better SEO from all the exhibitor and press backlinks
  • Event registration increases as a result
  • Exhibitors benefit by receiving contact information for those who registering with their unique link
  • Increased attendance and floor traffic helps all exhibitors
  • You get access to all the registrations which exhibitors and press members bring in

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