Why it pays to give your exhibitors the best tools


When companies decide to exhibit at your event, they do so with one goal in mind: acquiring leads.

The number of leads they acquire (and their ability to follow up with those leads) will be the deciding factor for whether they choose to exhibit at your event again.

This is why it is so important to offer them quality lead retrieval solutions that are user-friendly and highly effective.

Not all lead retrieval is created equal

Lead retrieval solutions vary widely and many do not offer features which exhibitors need.

You wouldn’t use a plastic fisher price fishing pole to capture a Marlin, right? The same is true with lead retrieval – you would not use a sub-par lead retrieval device to capture an important client.

The fact is: there are lead retrieval solutions that are up to the task and others which are not.

So when selecting a lead retrieval provider, be sure and look for these features:

1. Qualifiers

Does the lead retrieval device offer standard and custom qualifiers?  Most exhibitors want to record whether a lead is a “hot prospect” or someone to “call immediately”. These are just two examples of standard qualifiers. If the lead retrieval solution is sophisticated, exhibitors will also be able to add custom qualifiers to fit their business needs.

2. Notes

The ability to take notes on a lead record is crucial for exhibitors. Good lead retrieval solutions will allow exhibitors to type or even dictate notes.

3. CRM Integration

Exhibitors want to take the valuable information they’ve captured and upload it into their CRM system for easy follow-up and tracking. If the lead retrieval solution you offer doesn’t provide this option, then you are likely frustrating your exhibitors.

Buyer beware: Many mobile event apps offer lead retrieval but this feature is often an afterthought. Event apps have a very basic contact acquisition component without the advanced features outlined above.  You owe it to your exhibitors to provide the best solutions that meet their specific needs.  If you give them an afterthought Lead Retrieval solution, your event might become an afterthought for them too.

Taking the time to select a quality lead retrieval provider for your exhibitors will pay off in the end. The better their experience, the more likely they will return next year. Exhibitors spend big money to participate in your event and having an effective tool to do their job will be much appreciated.



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