Track Session Attendance With the TrackPod™ app

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One of the biggest challenges for event organizers is measuring the success of education sessions. Harder still is determining the appropriate amount of CEUs or CMEs to award to session attendees.

Luckily session scanning technology can solve these problems pretty easily. 

With session scanning technology you can monitor how many people enter a session, leave a session and how long they were actually in the session. You can restrict access for certain registration types or cap attendance when you hit your room maximum.

No more guessing if people stayed long enough to earn continuing education credits or if a speaker was terrible and a mass exodus occurred!

Session scanning gives you visibility into your meeting dynamics and allows for more control over attendee behavior.

Ready to use session scanning at your event? 

You can with Expo Logic's interactive app, TrackPod™.

TrackPod™ works by scanning attendee badges as they enter and exit sessions. This is done using the camera on your mobile phone or device. As badges are scanned, you can view a list of current session attendees plus all attendee data integrates with your registration system in real-time.

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