Spotlight On...Sandhya Chennuru

A passion to learn new things has driven Sandhya Chennuru all her life. Unafraid of challenges, Sandhya moved to the United States in 2004 to pursue a career in computer science. Her ability to embrace change,

Spotlight On...Lauren Zirkelbach

When you’re the online “voice” of one of the fastest growing companies in the country, you need to learn pretty quickly how to represent a diverse collection of messages to an equally diverse group of customers.

4 Ways to Simplify Event Registration for your Attendees

If there’s one place your attendees wish they could press the “Easy Button,” it’s most likely during the registration process. Event registration can be a long, painful process for many folks. But, if you as an

Meet Expo Logic at PersoniFest 2016 in Tampa, Florida!

For the fourth consecutive year, Expo Logic will be sponsoring and providing badge printing services at Personify's user conference, PersoniFest. Although we're known for our streamlined badge printing service,

Huddle Up!

How Expo Logic Maintains Team Values as One of the Country’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Expo Logic is Heading Back to Austin, TX for AUDC 2016!

Saddle up Austin, because Expo Logic is coming back to town! For another year, the attendees of the Abila Users and Developers Conference (AUDC) will get to experience the simplified badge printing process provided

Spotlight On...Kim Muenzel

Kimberly Muenzel is the kind of person you want to have on your team. She is the type who brings out the best in others and strives to be an advocate for those she works with. In her lifetime, she has had a number of

Expo Logic Just Got a Little More EPIC!

Today, we announced the successful acquisition of Event Planning International Corporation (EPIC), a full-service registration and lead retrieval company, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Announcements such as

Spotlight On...Tom Berl

Relationships come first to Project Manager, Tom Berl. That’s probably why he’s such a successful and important member of Expo Logic’s Client Services team. Tom values his relationships with his clients and

Spotlight On...Emily Spaid

Emily Spaid is just about as gracious and steadfast as they come. Something about cutting your teeth in restaurant management and growing up in the "tundra" (her description of Minnesota) will do that for you. Emily

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