5 Tips to Increase Event Attendance

Increasing registrations and attendance is always a main goal when it comes to the success of your event. The question is, how do you make it happen? Gaining new attendees and increasing event attendance can seem

5 Event Marketing Tools in Your Online Community that Increase Registrations

With so many tools available, deciding where and how to market your event can be daunting. Which channels will see the most return? What tactics will bring in the most new registrations?

Growing Your Event Attendance with Affiliate Marketing

Ever wonder how some shows garner more and more attendees each year? It seems like such a feat to make a modest increase in attendance let alone a huge jump in attendees. So how do they do they do it?

8 Ways to Boost Trade Show EVENT Revenue

Is your event stagnating, both in terms of attendance and revenue growth?  It might be time to mix things up. Event organizers know that the ultimate measure of their event’s success – the number that every boss,

Top Event Industry Trends In 2017

“The only constant is change” said one wise Greek philosopher, and that’s especially true in the meetings and events industry. Rapid changes in technology and a rise in attendee demands can leave event professionals

Attendee Personas 101

One size fits all may work for hats, but it won’t work for events. Attendees expect event content - and its marketing – to address their specific needs and challenges. They won’t take the time to sift through

Creative Sponsorships To Increase Event Revenue

Event professionals know all too well the pressure to increase revenue each year. Budgets get tighter, costs are cut and yet the attendee experience is expected to improve - and so is attendance! So how do organizers

Growing Your Trade Show

Good news for trade show organizers:  According to a recent Attendee Acquisition Benchmarks and Trends Study1, 66% of organizations are expecting increased attendance in 2017. So while this optimistic outlook is

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