5 Ways to Stand Out in The Exhibit Hall

Many companies use exhibiting at trade shows and events as a large part of their marketing and sales efforts. With the cost of exhibiting being so high, it is critical to use the time and money spent to exhibit

Make Event Badges Work for You with Badge Advertising

Attendees wear badges from the start of your conference to the end, being seen by just about everyone. So why not earn a little extra revenue from this visibility?

5 Event Marketing Tools in Your Online Community that Increase Registrations

With so many tools available, deciding where and how to market your event can be daunting. Which channels will see the most return? What tactics will bring in the most new registrations?

Growing Your Event Attendance with Affiliate Marketing

Ever wonder how some shows garner more and more attendees each year? It seems like such a feat to make a modest increase in attendance let alone a huge jump in attendees. So how do they do they do it?

ACTRIMS’ Registration Vastly Improves in 2017

Emily Viles was determined that her client’s 2017 event would be different.  No more long lines at registration, no more disgruntled attendees, and no more overwhelmed staff. 

How VR or AR Could Transform Your Event

By now, you’ve probably heard of virtual reality (VR)  and its close cousin, augmented reality (AR).  But do you know their differences and how you could leverage them for your next event?

8 Ways to Boost Trade Show EVENT Revenue

Is your event stagnating, both in terms of attendance and revenue growth?  It might be time to mix things up. Event organizers know that the ultimate measure of their event’s success – the number that every boss,

How to Catalyze Your Entire Association to Impact Event Revenue

Is your association getting ready for a big event right now? Head on over to your event team’s desks. I’ll wait. You there? Ok – see the crazed look in their eyes? The un-brushed hair and seven o’clock (yes, seven)

Great First Impressions Start at Registration

Everyone has heard the saying “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” When it comes to your event, that all-important first impression starts at registration. As any seasoned event planner will

When to Open and Close Online Registration

Online registration has made a once arduous process infinitely more streamlined for both attendees and event administrators. Setting up your online registration can take just a few minutes, but just because you can

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