Increase Attendee Engagement at Your Event with LEGOs®

Finding exciting elements to add to your event is an important aspect to keeping attendees engaged and entertained. One way to boost engagement is to offer experiences that attendees can participate in that will get

Show Your Attendees Some Love with These Creative Ideas

Attendees want to be seen as more than just a name on a badge. As event planners, we must remember to keep our attendees at the forefront of our minds and be sure to show them some love. Here are some creative ways

Facebook Adds New Feature for Groups and Events

Facebook has found a way to encourage user involvement with its new feature – Collaborative Stories.  This recently launched feature is in addition to its already popular Stories function. Users of Facebook groups

Increase Attendee Engagement with Touchable Tech

Touch is one of the first ways we learn as a kid. Toddlers are practically obsessed with being able to touch and feel everything so they can learn more. This is because the ability to physically touch and hold

What Online Communities Can Learn from Events

Events are a time-tested tactic for getting people together and increasing engagement between organizations and their audience. They’ve continued to be successful even as technology has changed and people’s needs

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