Snapchat Launches Crowd Surf Feature to Reach a Wider Audience


Social media has become the number one way to share your life with your friends, family, and even strangers. We use Twitter to express our feelings in 140 characters or less. Instagram as the platform to show the world your perfect dinner plate. And now Snapchat can be used to make your friends envious of the event you went to the night before.

As we have seen in the past, most Snapchat features can be applied to events to benefit the attendee and the event itself in some way, like geofilters and stories. Snapchat’s latest feature, Crowd Surf, is a type of AI (artificial intelligence) that brings the event experience to a broader social media audience by adding user created Snaps and compiling them into one story.

The Crowd Surf technology will use audio records at the event as a guide to compile each Snap in order and in sync with the event. This feature allows a single person the opportunity to view the event from different camera angles on their own device, even if they can’t physically be at the event.

Obviously, this new feature is not the same as attending the event in person, but that isn’t Snapchat’s motive with Crowd Surf. Snapchat is targeting the emotions and excitement an attendee has in the moment and the ability to share that feeling with others.

Crowd Surf could be useful to extend the reach of event and sponsor messages past the venue itself and the attendees there in person. Even better for event organizers, this is free! Snapchat’s new feature uses entirely user created content and the rest is up to the AI.

Snapchat is always coming up with new and innovative features that lend themselves easily to benefitting the event industry and it will be interesting to see what they unveil next.


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