Print Badges and Tickets in netFORUM Enterprise or Pro

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With Expo Logic’s badge[on]demand™ integration, you can print badges and tickets directly from registration records in netFORUM Enterprise or Pro. This solution is great for large and small events and keeps all of your important attendee data right where it belongs – in your database!

Here’s a quick look at the integration and how you can use it for your next event.

On-Site Registration Area

Using badge[on]demand™ on-site at your event is easy with Expo Logic's ExpressPass™ self check-in stations. These stations are the ideal solution for handling high volume registration. 

ExpressPass™ self-check-in stations allow pre-registered attendees to check-in on computers and print their badges - all within a few seconds. Prior to the event, each attendee will receive an email confirmation with a QR code which allows them to check-in on-site by simply scanning their QR code. Attendees can also check-in by looking up their name using the touch screen computer.

As attendees check-in on-site your registration continues to be managed in netFORUM and all attendee data remains in your database. The biggest benefit of using badge[on]demand™ is you never have to shut down registration prior to your event. Registration stays live straight through your event!

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Printing Badges From Registration Records In netFORUM

If, for some reason, an attendee would like to modify their badge information (title, company, name etc.), you can do this directly in netFORUM using the steps below.

Registration Record View:

netFORUM abila badge printing 1.jpg

After completing the badge[on]demand™ integration you will see a new "badge[on]demand™" button appear on the left side of each registration record. Modify the attendee record information as needed and then click the link to print badges or tickets for that attendee. 

Badge and Ticket View:

Preview Badge screenshot.jpg

You will see the tickets and badges which you can select and print for that individual. When you hit the print button, a preview of the badge and any associated tickets will appear on the screen. This gives you one more opportunity to review the attendee's information before it prints.

Print Preview:

Badge and ticket preview screen shot.jpg

After checking the preview, hit print and your badge will print automatically!

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