Case Study: How Keller Williams Used Face Recognition to Personalize & Streamline Event Check-In

Expo Logic, fielddrive, and Zenus, teamed up to support the Spring Masterminds 2018 event hosted by Keller Williams. Read this case study and learn how face recognition provided attendees with a personalized,

10 Easy Ways for Event Profs to De-Stress

Event professionals face major challenges every day when planning each detail of a successful event so it’s no wonder that stress levels can be heightened.

How to Create an Attendee Experience They Won’t Soon Forget

Creating an unforgettable attendee experience is a key factor to having a successful event. The attendee experience is more than just if they enjoyed the keynote speaker or how much fun they had at the closing

Facebook's Oculus Brings VR to Events

Facebook’s Oculus has launched a new “Venues” app allowing users to attend an event from anywhere using virtual reality technology.

7 Tips to Increase Your Event Website’s Conversion Rate

Event websites are meant to give users general information, educate them about the event and its purpose, and peak the curiosity and interests of potential attendees. A great event website will do all of that and

Airbnb Launches New Feature for Events

Airbnb has launched a new feature that will help make finding housing accommodations for your event attendees even easier.

Why More Events Are Using Beacon Technology

Wearable beacon technology is a new trend being used at events to track attendees and increase attendee engagement. Wearable beacons are small proximity beacons that can be attached to the attendees’ lanyard.

Top Event Profs to Follow on Twitter

Looking for the latest news, trends, and technology in the event industry? Twitter is an incredible resource of information with thousands of seasoned event professionals using this platform to share their knowledge

Help Attendees Interact and Engage with Expo Logic’s Connections Map

Show organizers are always looking to create an event that is exciting for attendees and provides them with meaningful experiences. Attendee engagement and interaction is a key element to delivering these

5 Event Analytics You Should Be Watching

Event analytics are a crucial way for event organizers to look at multiple aspects of their event using all types of data and assess the health of their meeting. The ability to collect valuable data from attendees is


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