ExpoLogic.com Has A New, Dynamic Look

We thought it was time for an update. ExpoLogic.com has a brand-new look and design to better serve our customers and create a useful resource for our clients.

Fielddrive live badging at Globalfoundries Technology Conferences

Recently, Expo Logic provided its innovative live badging service, fielddrive, for three Technology Conferences organized by Globalfoundries, a leading semiconductor company.

Facebook Adds New Feature for Groups and Events

Facebook has found a way to encourage user involvement with its new feature – Collaborative Stories.  This recently launched feature is in addition to its already popular Stories function. Users of Facebook groups

Increase Attendee Engagement with Touchable Tech

Touch is one of the first ways we learn as a kid. Toddlers are practically obsessed with being able to touch and feel everything so they can learn more. This is because the ability to physically touch and hold

Expo Logic to Demo Facial Recognition at IAEE Expo! Expo! and IBTM World

The future of event tech is here at Expo Logic: Facial Recognition Badge Printing Come demo this new technology at the upcoming IAEE Expo! Expo! and IBTM World events.

No Cash, No Problem: How Cashless Payments Transformed the Attendee Experience

If you are anything like me, you barely carry cash anymore. Credit and debit cards have become the main method of payment these days so cash isn’t necessary. Other advances in technology, like Paypal and Apple Pay,

What Online Communities Can Learn from Events

Events are a time-tested tactic for getting people together and increasing engagement between organizations and their audience. They’ve continued to be successful even as technology has changed and people’s needs

Attendance Tracking: The Difference Between RFID and Beacon Technology

Tracking attendance at your event is an important way to obtain vital information about your attendees. Where do they go first? What vendors are they most interested in? How long are they spending in a session?

Bring Your Exhibit Booth into the Future Using Augmented Reality

With the upcoming release of the new iPhone X and iOS 11, you have probably already heard some talk about augmented reality (AR). But what is it exactly? Why is everyone talking about it? What does augmented reality

Expo Logic Global Travel with a Purpose: Giving Back to Our Local Community

We travel. A LOT. At Expo Logic, our clients and their events take us all over the world leading to more than just a few nights in a hotel.  Paris, San Diego, London, New York, and anywhere else you can imagine, we

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