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People travel from all over the country, and even the world, to attend your event. This can leave them with just one or two modes of transportation after they arrive. This limited transportation can be a reason attendees miss out on VIP events or after hours activities.

Uber has found a solution to this transportation dilemma with UberEVENTS.

UberEVENTS allows show organizers to purchase rides for attendees in advance. This option is easy to setup online and UberEVENTS generates a unique code that can be used in the app by event guests.

Show organizers/hosts can create a code for the entire event or one that is specific to each attendee. Once the code is created, the host just needs to send it out to their guests and it is ready to use.

The service allows the host to restrict the event code so it can only be used for rides to and from a certain location. This way, you can keep attendees from skipping your event to sightsee around town on your dime! On top of location restrictions, show organizers can limit the amount they want to pay for a ride too.

Purchasing rides for your event guests will boost attendance and enhance the overall experience. Offering free and safe rides can give your event that “something extra” that will keep your guests talking and coming back again.

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