Hotel Soaps From Our Staff Travels Go To A Good Cause

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All throughout the year, our staff travels the globe to service our client's events. That means many days on the road and many nights in hotels. When our employees do stay overnight in a hotel, they save the extra soap, shampoo, conditioner or body lotion provided and bring it back to the office. The reason, you ask? So we can donate those hygiene products to those in need.   

Not far from Expo Logic's headquarters in East Norriton, PA is CHOC, the Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center of Montgomery County. The center serves local homeless individuals by providing meals, shelter, showers and transportation. Donated supplies are always greatly appreciated and Expo Logic is happy to help their cause.

When we have accumulated more hygiene products at our office than we can count, we take them to the students at Paul Fly Elementary School in Norristown, PA for sorting before they are donated to CHOC. This year, the students of Mrs. Wolf's 1st grade class and Ms. Etnier's 4th grade class sorted the soaps, lotions and more into different categories. 

“The students and teachers find this project extremely rewarding and we are very appreciative of Expo Logic and their support of this project and others at Paul Fly”, commented Mrs. Wolf. "We had a blast completing this service project and look forward to the next one."

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