Growing Your Event Attendance with Affiliate Marketing

Grow Your Event Attendance with Affiliate Marketing Expo Logic.jpg

Ever wonder how some shows garner more and more attendees each year? It seems like such a feat to make a modest increase in attendance let alone a huge jump in attendees.

So how do they do they do it?

The answer: Affiliate Marketing.

That’s right. This one type of marketing is proving to be one of the best ways to grow an event nowadays. And we have the numbers to prove it.

First, let’s explain what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is using other people outside of your organization to market your event. Sometimes there is a commission given, other times not.

The key is tapping into other people’s network of connections to market your event.

One network event planners tend to overlook is their exhibitor network of connections. Each exhibitor has a list of clients and prospects. It’s highly unlikely those contacts have all attended your event in the past and yet there is a good chance they would be interested in your event. This untapped audience can be easily reached with a good affiliate marketing tool like EXPOBrander.

How it works

EXPOBrander provides unique branded banner ads and registration links to each exhibiting company which they can share in company communications or on their corporate website.

This helps get the word out about your event in a huge way.  

Just watch how the Irrigation Association used it to increase their event attendance by 25% in one year.

However, in order for EXPOBrander to be successful, you must get exhibitors to participate in promoting your event.

Tips For Getting Exhibitors to Use EXPOBrander:

- Send Invitations. Encourage exhibitors to participate by sending them emails and other messages inviting their participation. Be sure to communicate the value they will be receive from participating like a pre-show list of leads, added exposure during the registration process etc.

- Offer Incentives. Offer a booth discount to exhibitors who use EXPOBrander to promote your event. You could also offer preferential booth placement or first pick at a booth space next year to top EXPOBrander users.

- Give Examples. Show exhibitors how to use their EXPOBrander link and graphics. Give them examples of what other exhibitors have done like sending email invitations to clients with a link to visit them at this event or sample social media text.

- Provide Exposure. Another way to encourage exhibitor participation is to print their company logo on the badges of attendees who registered via that company’s branded link. This is great additional exposure for exhibiting companies and will create dialogue amongst attendees as well as further promote EXPOBrander use amongst exhibitors.

Once you implement these tips, you can sit back and watch your attendance grow as exhibitors market the event to their contacts. 

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