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The Palais Garnier is one of the most famous opera houses in the world. Intricate and eclectic interior designs coupled with world-renowned performers and ballerinas create a truly magnificent experience for every visitor.

With an astounding view of the Grand Staircase as you enter, what could be a better place to host an event?


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The SIS Global Forum, a unique event in the oil and gas industry, was recently hosted in exceptional venues throughout Paris, including the remarkable Le Palais Garnier Opera House. Schlumberger Limited organizes the event to give industry professionals the opportunity to discuss technology innovations and solutions to enhance productivity in this sector.

Expo Logic was on hand to help the client deliver an easy check-in process for attendees and access control for sessions.

Like many other events, show organizers wanted multiple locations for attendee check-in at the SIS Global Forum. A challenge for some, but not for Expo Logic. With our fielddrive check-in kiosks being easy to set-up and designed to be compact, there was no hesitation that we could accommodate this request.

Photo: Three fielddrive kiosks on-site for attendee check-in

Three fielddrive kiosks were placed at the event for pre-check-ins, one kiosk in the main event venue, and two more were used in hotels hosting attendees.

Printing badges for more than 1,000 attendees was a breeze! The fielddrive kiosks print a badge in only six seconds keeping attendees moving at a fast pace while eliminating long lines of people waiting to check in.

In addition to fast and simple badge printing, Expo Logic provided session scanning and access control at the SIS Global Forum. With our interactive mobile session scanning app, TrackPod®, show organizers could scan attendee badges quickly and accurately measure the attendance of each session.

Danny scanning badge of show organizer.jpg
Photo: TrackPod® being used to scan badge for the evening event

TrackPod® was used again for an evening event, a Gala Dinner at the Palais Garnier Opera in Paris. Using the TrackPod™ mobile app, attendees could be scanned into the event with their badge instead of needing to present a ticket. A benefit to using TrackPod® for access control: the app will identify if the attendee is eligible to enter the event or if they are denied access.

The SIS Global Forum was a great success for not only show organizers, but for Expo Logic as well. We look forward to expanding our client base with our global partner network.

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