Expo Logic Global Travel with a Purpose: Giving Back to Our Local Community

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We travel. A LOT.

At Expo Logic, our clients and their events take us all over the world leading to more than just a few nights in a hotel.  Paris, San Diego, London, New York, and anywhere else you can imagine, we have probably been there.

In addition to a passion for travel, our company and staff have a passion for giving back to our community. A great way we have combined these passions is by asking our staff to save the extra soap and toiletry items from their hotel visits and bring it back to the office to be donated to local a local charity. By the time our busy season is over, the collection bin is overflowing with more shampoos and conditioners than we know what to do with!

That is where our friends at Paul Fly Elementary School come in.


The students at Paul Fly Elementary school in Norristown, PA are eager to jump in to help. Ms. Etnier’s 4th grade class took the toiletry items we have collected in our travels and sorted them into different categories. “The kids had so much fun sorting the toiletry items that your staff have collected!” expressed Mrs. Wolf, a 1st grade teacher at Paul Fly Elementary.


Once sorted, the items are then donated to the Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center (CHOC) also located in Norristown, PA. CHOC has been serving homeless men and women in the Montgomery County area since 2007.

It won’t be long until the collection bin is full again. We are looking forward to working with the students at Paul Fly Elementary to give back to our local community.

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