How to Eliminate Long Registration Lines at Your Event


You’ve seen it before: attendees standing in a long line at your event’s registration desk.

It’s never a pretty sight.

Attendees who are anxious to enter the exhibit hall or attend a session become quickly frustrated by long wait times to register or check-in.  At the same time, your registration staff feels overwhelmed by the volume of registrants and the need to keep up.

So, what’s the solution?

Self-service stations are a great way to eliminate long registration lines. Self-service stations allow pre-registered attendees to check-in on their own and print their badges instantly (in 10 seconds or less). By using self-service stations, your registration staff will be free to act as ‘event hosts’: directing attendees to sessions and important events throughout your venue.

Here at Expo Logic, we call this solution ExpressPass™ check-in.

Here’s how it works:

Our adaptable badge[on]demand™ badge printing system integrates with your Association Management System (AMS).  As attendees register through your AMS, their records are stored for badge printing.

Next, Expo Logic provides ExpressPass™ check-in stations at your event. Each station is equipped with a computer, badge printer and scanning device.

Prior to the event, registered attendees receive an email with a barcode, which they scan at the self-service station. As soon as the barcode is scanned, their badge prints at the station. The attendee is now ready to enter the conference. If an attendee is missing their barcode, they can also check-in by searching their name.

The end result will be shorter lines and happier attendees.

Best of all, your attendee data stays in your AMS so you can view it at any time.

We invite you to learn more about ExpressPass™ check-in by watching a video of ExpressPass™ in action or requesting a proposal today.

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