Bring Your Exhibit Booth into the Future Using Augmented Reality


With the upcoming release of the new iPhone X and iOS 11, you have probably already heard some talk about augmented reality (AR).

But what is it exactly? Why is everyone talking about it? What does augmented reality have to do with the event industry?

Allow us to help answer these questions and alleviate any confusion.

Augmented reality is a new form of technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. With this new technology, users can interact with these computer-generated images or overlays as they move throughout the real world.

With augmented reality becoming more popular and easy to use, this could change the way we interact at events. AR technology could be the event industry’s next big thing giving attendees more ways to engage at an event and leave with more fulfilling experiences.

Photo: Layar app being used to display video with AR technology

AR Technology can be used throughout the event and even in an exhibit booth. Augmented reality can be used with either wearables, like Google Glass, or through an app used on a mobile device. Attendees can simply download the supported AR app, such as Layar, to their own device to use during the event. Images found throughout the event or in the booth are scanned with the app and a new image or video is displayed on top of the real-life image.

Companies are starting to utilize AR technology in their exhibit booths to engage visitors with their products and services. Images found on the exhibit booth can be linked with augmented reality to display a graphic, video, or other virtual information the user can view. Augmented reality is a great way to add an interactive element to your exhibit booth and stand out from the crowd.

Photo: Exhibit booth with images connected to AR technology

Augmented reality can also help increase visitor traffic and readership at your exhibit booth. Use AR technology with images throughout your booth to create a scavenger hunt that users can participate it. Provide visitors with a list of items to find using augmented reality in your booth and give a small prize for completing the list. This is a fun and interesting way to bring more people to your booth and have them spend more time reading about your company.

Another great way AR technology can be applied to interact with clients or prospects is with your business card. Upload the image from your business card to the AR app and when this image is scanned, a video about your company automatically will play.

Augmented reality is a new and exciting technology that is still evolving. This might be something to consider using at your next event to stay ahead of the curve and excite attendees.

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