Why a Lead Retrieval Device is Important

Exhibiting at a trade show is extremely beneficial for your company, and opportunities to do so happen numerous times throughout the year. Whether you are debuting a new product, or gathering new clients, you are able to display your company name and interact with existing clients and potential leads.

Booth traffic at times can become accelerated, with interested attendees outnumbering the amount of staff in your booth. First and last names can become a blur, and you may find yourself unable to keep track of who is interested versus who is not. It is times like these when a lead retrieval device can become extremely vital.

When lead retrieval is being offered at a trade show, every badge will have a barcode on it. Using the lead retrieval device offered by show management (usually rented by exhibitors) you scan the barcode on the attendee’s badge, and all the contact information that they used to register for the show has been captured. Different companies upload leads differently, but in most cases your scanned leads are uploaded to a secure portal for easy access. This puts all of your leads in one place, making managing your leads and following up extremely easy.

Why can’t I just collect business cards?

This is a great question when it comes to defending lead retrieval devices. It is true most attendees will have business cards with them on the show floor, but what happens when they run out, or if they forgot to bring them that day? What if you accidently lose a card for a hot lead? Collecting business cards will get you the information you need on each attendee, but it isn’t a very organized or reliable process, and it does not make it easy to follow up with each attendee.

Still not sure?

Even if you do not want to rent a lead retrieval unit at the next show where you exhibit, keep a look out for the devices being used. Notice how easy it is for other exhibitors using a device to capture leads and interact with interested attendees. Ask others what they think of the device, and if they recommend it, or what their preferred company for lead retrieval is. This way you can do your research on lead retrieval companies, and make youe decision per show, depending on the company providing the device.

Highlights of Expo Logic’s Lead Management Services

lead retrieval scanner

Expo Logic's LeadKey device is small and lightweight, allowing you to drop it in 

your bag, or wear around your neck so you are ready to capture leads at any time, whether it be on the show floor, during a session, or at a reception. We not only provide exhibitors with our LeadKey device (pictured at left) we also include standard action codes, to be scanned after you scan an attendee’s badge. These standard action codes range from Hot Prospect, Provide Quote, to No Interest. When scanned, these action codes attach to that attendees record, allowing you to easily know how you need to follow up.

Do you like to personalize your leads and take notes on each? We also provide you with a LeadKey notepad, so you can take notes on a lead, and scan the page number associated with that person. This way, when you look at the lead's information, it will tell you additional information is on “page 5” of your notepad.

We upload your leads to our leads portal at the end of each day or at the end of the show, providing you with username and password to access your leads online. From the leads portal you can export your leads, making following up simple and efficient.

For more information on using Expo Logic’s trade show lead management, send an email to info@expologic.com

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