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When people hear that Expo Logic is one of the fastest-growing companies in the country, providing services for hundreds of unique events from coast to coast, they often envision a very intense and hurried work environment.  It’s definitely busy around our offices, but we make it a priority to foster a culture that brings out the best in people rather than operating a pressure cooker. That’s why our team members tend to stick around, enjoy their jobs, and grow professionally.


We recently asked one of our Account Managers, Deasha Dempsey, to share some of her Expo Logic work experiences. As an Account Manager, Deasha works with many clients simultaneously; helping each one achieve success at their events. She provided the following insights about what it’s like behind the scenes at Expo Logic.

PEOPLE- “There are opportunities to work with different people for each event, so you are exposed to many great ideas and personalities. Around the office, there is a family-like culture where everyone supports one another. Someone on the team is always available to answer a question or serve as a sounding board for ideas. If you’re a ‘people person,’ you’ll get your fix working at Expo Logic.”

VARIETY- “Variety is the spice of life and one of the biggest parts of my job at Expo Logic. Working from home is an option, and there’s definitely a bit of travel and the chance to experience different places. Every single day is different than the one before. That keeps things fresh and exciting. Plus, the variety of clients means exposure to multiple industries.”

GROWTH- “Professional development is a priority at Expo Logic. Account Managers are empowered to make their own decisions and are entrusted to do their jobs well. They gain an in-depth knowledge of technology and participate in many hands-on learning experiences. Not to mention, all Account Managers learn how to multi-task and think quickly on their feet. These skills are highly desirable in any professional environment and at Expo Logic there is the opportunity to grow along with the company.”

If you enjoy working with various people across many industries, a flexible work environment, and work that challenges you to be your best and grow professionally, then Expo Logic’s account management team may be a great fit for you.

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