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Expo Logic Invites You to Xperience 2019!

Expo Logic is excited to participate in the Community Brands user conference, Xperience 2019, and we want to see you there!

5 Ways to Use Experiential Marketing for Events

Consumers, and attendees, have much higher expectations when it comes to their experience with your brand or with your event. Attendees anticipate having meaningful and memorable experiences at your event and

New Event Technologies Increase Security

Recent advancements in event technology offer increased security and peace of mind for your attendees. Your attendee’s safety is always a top priority when planning your event so to help you through the process, here

Tracking the Attendee Journey and Analyzing Your Event Data

Attendee data provides valuable insight that can help show organizers understand the needs and expectations of their attendees to ensure their event’s success. By analyzing information about the attendee experience

4 Gamification Elements to Increase Attendee Engagement

Gamification is an increasingly popular trend we are seeing at events because of the benefit it has on the attendee experience and overall event success. Adding gaming elements is simple and can be applied to many

6 Ways to Drive Traffic to the Trade Show Floor

Creating a successful event involves many different elements but one of the most important aspects is the exhibit hall. The exhibit hall floor is not only a place for your exhibitors to showcase their products and

Make Your Event Smarter with Chatbot AI Technology

Chatbots have become one of the hottest new trends for events and can be a great solution when looking for ways to reach your attendee’s easily, answer their questions about your event, and engage with them on-site. 

7 Ways to Engage Event Attendees

Finding new and exciting ways to engage attendees at your event is always an important aspect of the planning process. Beyond the sessions, networking events, and other details, keeping your attendees interested and

Expo Logic’s Lead Retrieval App Upgrades to LeadPod™ Pro

Expo Logic’s lead retrieval app, LeadPod™, has upgraded to LeadPod Pro featuring advanced lead follow-up technology and surveys. This new, upgraded version of our existing lead capture app enables you to make the

Case Study: How Keller Williams Used Face Recognition to Personalize & Streamline Event Check-In

Expo Logic, fielddrive, and Zenus, teamed up to support the Spring Masterminds 2018 event hosted by Keller Williams. Read this case study and learn how face recognition provided attendees with a personalized,


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