7 Ways to Engage Booth Prospects


 First impressions are so important. Especially when you are speaking with a potential client.

So how do you engage prospects at your booth?

1. Start with an introduction

It sounds obvious, but a simple, “Hello, how are you?” is a great place to start. Say your name and ask for theirs. Smile and be friendly.

2. Ask them what challenges they have

Quickly after introductions have been made, ask what challenges they have with their job and what solutions they are seeking in the exhibition today. Listen carefully to what they have to say and begin thinking of solutions.

 3. Address their challenges and you will keep them interested

Offer clear solutions to their problems. These solutions can be ones that your company offers or you can recommend other companies who can help (if it’s not something your company specializes in). I’m not saying to send your prospects to your competitors, but by providing solutions to their problems (no matter where those solutions come from) will build their trust in you and your company.  

4. Offer solutions that they may not have considered

Now that the conversation is going, offer them some solutions they may not have thought of. If they did not mention something that your company offers, ask them if they struggle with a problem which your product or service addresses. If they say yes, explain how you can help.

5. Offer examples

Give examples of other customers you have helped with the same problem. Your prospect will listen more intently if they know you have helped others with the same problem. Be sure to have a list of names and companies ready to go in your mind.

6. Obtain their contact information

Using a lead retrieval device, is a great option for capturing attendee contact information quickly without interrupting the conversation. With the right lead retrieval tools you simply need to scan your prospect’s badge in order to capture their information instantaneously.

Once you do, make sure to qualify the lead. For instance, you can mark the them as a “Hot Prospect” (if they are immediately interested in purchasing your product), Some Interest (they are mildly interested but would like more information), No interest (not in the market now but may be sometime soon). If you have never qualified leads before at a show, you may benefit from learning 

7. Follow-up

Now that you have contact information for several prospects, be sure and follow-up. Surprisingly 80% of exhibitors do not follow up with prospects after an event, leaving the majority of prospects with negative feelings about your company and the show. This is because prospects want you to contact them after the event and not doing so makes them feel like you or your company does not deem their business important.


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