Getting Personal: 6 Ways to Incorporate Attendee Personalization

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Good friends know you by name. They know your favorite color and how you take your coffee. It’s a personal relationship that’s special and meaningful – and one that savvy event professionals are working to cultivate with their attendees. 

Attendee personalization is one of the top trends in event planning today.  Why should your next event include some degree of attendee personalization?

Creating a customized attendee experience:

  • Makes your event more contextual and engaging because you’re delivering on their expectations and goals
  • Sets your event apart from the generic competition
  • Creates attendee loyalty because you understand their needs and objectives

Tools and technologies now make personalization more viable. Use data to tailor aspects of your event to make each attendee feel as if the event was created just for them. Here’s how you can incorporate a personalization into your next event from the very first invitation to post-show follow up:

1. Event invitations. For past attendees, use their former session selections to make recommendations on content for your upcoming event. For new attendees, use demographic data collected at registration, such as title or industry, to suggest sessions or activities.

2. Online Registration. Today’s registration technology allows you to create a personalized online registration  You can provide a seamless experience by offering attendee options relevant to their attendee type, demographics and more. Make sure you invite them to share with friends or colleagues who may also be considering attending.

3. Custom Content. Event technology can provide you with attendee data to suggest sessions, inform topics and suggest speakers based on demographics like job title and certifications. By simply using the data you may already have, you can offer your attendees a personalized experience they’ll love.  

4. Apt Activities. Tailor event activities relevant to attendee interests, such as food preferences (“Join our chocolate tasting event”) or job titles (“Meet other Chief Technologists at the Technology Breakfast on Wednesday.”).

5. The VIP Treatment. Give your attendees a personalized check-in experience. Send registrants a personalized confirmation with a unique QR code to allow them “Express” or VIP check-in when they arrive on-site at your event. You’ll make them feel special and known by your organization.

6. Post Event Communications. Provide attendees with session notes, presentations or other related resources they may be interested in based on the sessions they attended.

Providing personalized event experiences allows you to shape offerings, anticipate interests and give your attendees an experience they’ll love. It’s a win-win.  You get happy attendees who could likely become evangelists for your event and organization, and attendees get exactly what they hoped to achieve from attending.

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