5 Event Technologies You Should Be Using


Choosing the right event technology solutions can be a challenge.

With the right event technology, you can create a dynamic event experience that fosters connections and feedback. However, if you choose the wrong event technology it can frustrate attendees, cause data problems and leave attendees with a lack-luster experience.

Luckily, we have researched 5 easy-to-use and proven event technologies which will greatly enhance your event.

1. Automated Self Check-In

Great meeting experiences begin at registration. This is the attendee’s first on-site encounter with your event and your opportunity to wow and amaze them by giving them just what they want – speed and ease.

Most attendees are in a hurry to get to a session and registering is just an annoying prerequisite. Help expedite the process with several self-check-in stations. At these stations, pre-registered attendees can simply scan their digital confirmation barcode or look up their name and then print their badge with just the click of a button. The whole process takes about 15 seconds. Attendees will be amazed by the ease of checking-in and impressed with your company’s professionalism. 

Pro Tip: Put lanyards at each station and a publication rack of printed event schedules so attendees can grab everything they need right at check-in. Swag bags are also a great addition at check-in stations.

 2. Session Scanning App

One of the biggest challenges is measuring the success of your education sessions after your event. Harder still is determining the appropriate amount of CEUs to award to session attendees.

If you aren’t already using session scanning technology to solve these challenges, then you are missing out.

Session scanning apps are a low cost and easy solution for tracking attendee behavior. Simply download a scanning app to your phone and scan attendee badges as they enter and exit a session. You will get real-time updates on how many people are in a session and how long each attendee spends in a session. This valuable information helps you determine which sessions were popular and kept attendees engaged (and in the room). It also tells you how many CEUs to award based on the total time an attendee spent in a session.

Pro Tip: Session scanning apps can also be used to restrict access to certain events. For instance, if someone registers for an “Exhibit Hall Access Only” pass and then tries to enter a session, the app will alert you that this individual does not qualify for entry. Or if your company is running a reception, session scanning apps can be used for drink tickets.

3. Attendee Interaction App

Attendees want more than just session information on their event app now. They want to engage with content creators, other attendees and receive live updates. Having all of this functionality conveniently at attendees’ fingertips helps to increase not only their engagement but their satisfaction.

When selecting an app, consider one that has social features and the ability to personalize. Eventsential is a great app for this kind of functionality. Users can create a custom dashboard, direct message with other attendees, create social profiles within the app and compile a personalized itinerary.

Pro Tip: Keep the dialogue going after your event. Communicate with app users about upcoming webinars and whitepaper releases that are relevant to the sessions they attended at your event. Adding this extra value to the app will keep them engaged with your organization and wanting to attend again.

4. Exhibition Connections Application

Re-invent the exhibit hall experience by encouraging quality connections between your exhibitors and attendees. More and more, attendees are wanting to be presented with solutions to their organizational problems rather than just peruse through a sea of companies on the exhibit hall floor.

To meet this need, set up an area where exhibitors can schedule “brain dates” with attendees. “Brain dates” are meetings where a company representative and an attendee can discuss a specific product or service solution in detail. In order to facilitate these kind of one-on-one meetings you will need a scheduling application which exhibitors can use. One great app for this is EXPOConnections, a dynamic meeting tool which allows exhibitors to schedule meetings both before and during the show. It keeps track of meeting spaces and automatically updates availability across all devices using the app.

Incorporating this kind of technology will make exhibitors feel accommodated and valued. In addition, attendees will walk away feeling like their needs were met. You cannot put a price on these personalized interactions. It’s likely exhibitors and attendees will recognize the value these meetings too and will attend your event again in the future.

5. Event Marketing via Shareable Communication Technology

The burden to market your event no longer solely rests on you and your organization! Instead, use your pre-registered attendees and exhibitors to spread the word. By doing so, you’ll reach more people than you could on your own!

Mobilizing your marketing army is easy. Start by including share buttons on your online registration confirmation page. As soon as an attendee completes their registration, they will be given the ability to share the fact they’re attending across all social networks. Include a fun picture of the city and your conference logo to increase the visibility of the post. This multiplies the marketing of your event with just a click of the button!

You can even run a referral sharing campaign where attendees who refer others get 25% off of their ticket or conference reception. You can be creative here!

Also, don’t underestimate the impact of exhibitor marketing. Empower your exhibitors to market your event by giving them branded invitations which they can send to prospects. EXPOBrander is a great service for generating branded invitations for exhibitors. These digital invitations can be sent via email or embedded in exhibitor websites. The results of this additional marketing can be quite remarkable.

“We gained over 1,000 attendees which is roughly 25% of our overall meeting attendance” commented Scott Hersh of the Annual Irrigation Trade Show after using the EXPOBrander service at their event.

ProTip: Educate your exhibitors and attendees on ways to spread the word. Give them template emails to forward, links to share and pictures to post. It may sound like a lot of work, but all that extra marketing will pay off big in the end.


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