5 Event App Must-Haves


There are hundreds of mobile event app options and, most of the time, it’s a challenge to tell one event app from another. The app selection process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! To make the right decision, it’s best to focus on selecting an event app that aligns with your organization's goals rather than an app that boasts the greatest number  of features (most of which you’ll never use).The app you select should include features that will make your attendees’ event and overall member experiences more successful – and your job easier.  

Does your app do that? There are five major things your event app should do:

1. Give YOU control.

You need an app that gives you 100% control. Look-and-feel, navigation, content and announcements are all functions you want to own – and update whenever you need to, from any device. 

2. Include full support.

When you’re under the gun to deliver an exceptional event, you need an exceptional Back Office Help Center to guide you in delivering the best event app experience for your attendees. And when you need the support of an expert, you need that support right away.

3. Be reliable.

Your event app must work on every device, every time. Connected to the internet, not connected to the internet. In the airport, on your way to the hotel, walking through the event venue. Plain and simple, it needs to work. 

4. Deliver 360 engagement.

A good event app should provide the perfect place to engage your members during your events. A superior app provides engagement opportunities that extend beyond your events to enable peer networking, access to personalized content and member tools, and a direct line of communications – available to your members year-round via their mobile devices.

5. Pay for itself.

Your event app should provide enough value to your members that is presents new opportunities for your organization to generate revenue and increase sponsorship income. Your event app should include rotating ad spaces, sponsor highlights, promoted posts, enhanced exhibitor listings, sponsored sessions, and beacon notification options.

Does your event app do all of these things? Your event app is an investment, and it’s essential you select a provider that’s focused on your needs. Your app sets the tone for your meetings. Make it great!

By Carol Campbell, Sr. Technology Sales Consultant, Results Direct. Email: ccampbell@resultsdirect.com. Results Direct is an integration partner with Expo Logic.



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