How to Catalyze Your Entire Association to Impact Event Revenue

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Is your association getting ready for a big event right now? Head on over to your event team’s desks. I’ll wait.

You there? Ok – see the crazed look in their eyes? The un-brushed hair and seven o’clock (yes, seven) shadows? That is, if you can get to them through the piles of event décor, signage and collateral. How are their thumbs? Their voice? Texting, emailing and calling so many vendors and partners and speakers in a day does take its toll…

There might be a person or a team dedicated to the actual planning, but successfully executing a large event takes every bit of 40 hours a week! As the saying goes: it takes a village. Every department – whether they’re directly involved in the details or not – can make an impact on event revenue and success.

Event managers – how can you inspire everyone in your organization to pitch in? Think about all the ways they communicate with members (and potential members) regularly, and how they can naturally slip a message or two in about registering for your upcoming event. Read on for more ideas to get each department involved!


  • Ask everyone to include a graphic or one-liner in their email signatures about the event and link it to the registration page.
  • Consider where a discount code may be applicable in any of our ideas – or yours! Sometimes a slight discount can make the difference between a “no” and a “yes” – and some revenue is better than none!
  • We’re not above a little bribery – make it a competition! Offer a prize to the person or team that gets the most registrations, or that contributes the most to overall event revenue.

MEMBERSHIP: Offer prospective members a deep discount to attend – they get to check out life as a member, and you get unexpected revenue! Your membership team is also the perfect group to reach out to members who previously attended this event (or ones like it) but haven’t registered for the current one yet.

FINANCE: Include a line on dues invoices with information on how to register. Or, is your association using an online dues renewal process? Add fields for including event registrations when you renew. Be sure to keep this up-to-date.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: What connections does he/she have that might make sense for a sponsorship? Leverage these relationships.

EDUCATION: Ask them to identify which members seek out which types of education, and then communicate to those members how attending the event will help them in those areas. This might take a little extra time and effort, but personalization is key!

ADMINSTRATIVE: Have them mention the event as members come in or call, and encourage the member to register if they haven’t already.

ADVOCACY: What partners does your association have through advocacy that would value a place at the event? Consider them for a sponsorship as well.

About the Author

Colleen Kelly is the Content and Communications Manager at WebLink, an Expo Logic partner. WebLink provides offers a complete, all-in-one AMS solution and continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions that help trade associations acquire, engage and retain more members.

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