Fielddrive is an innovative Suite of Services for on-site attendee management across the globe. The fielddrive suite includes data integration, live badging, and track and trace capabilities which can be implemented at your event.








Data Integration

Fielddrive integrates with your registration system or AMS and connects your online and onsite data so all information is exchanged consistently both ways.

Use fielddrive to design badges that fit your attendees. Create a unique experience with different colors per attendee category, add personalized schedules printed on the back of the badge, and many more options.

Fielddrive provides an event intelligent dashboard letting you track your attendees and prioritize what data is most important to you.



Live Badging

Fielddrive live badging solutions are an efficient way to provide a great on-site attendee experience.

Self-registration kiosks offer a solution that gives the attendee an easy and fast way to register, check-in, and print their badge. Our full-size registration kiosks can service up to 500 people per hour and never stop working, even if the internet or power fails.

Fielddrive modular badge cubes are compact and easy to setup on-site. Eliminate wasted badges, stay connected to your onsite data, print badges quickly, and more with fielddrive live badging.




Track & Trace

Get more data from your event with attendee tracking, session scanning, and lead retrieval offered with fielddrive.

Using RFID and/or beacon technology you can collect important information from your attendees to better understand their interests and habits at your event. Use this data to your advantage to better design your event floor plan or even decide what to offer at future events.

Session scanning with TrackPod™ allows you to scan attendees in and out to monitor time spent in the session. Use this data to gain more visibility of each session and even use this to award credits to attendees.

Lead retrieval with fielddrive is a simple and effective way to generate more revenue and offer your exhibitors the best option for data collection at their booth. Fielddrive has both offline data collection or a mobile app lead retrieval solutions that are efficient and reliable.


fielddrive Global Partner Network

This remarkable Suite of Services can be deployed for your event from anywhere across the globe thanks to our network of certified fielddrive partners. When you use fielddrive, you gain access to a global support network to help meet all of your event needs.

Expo Logic has already secured several fielddrive certified partners in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, India, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Australia.



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