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What is the difference between a LeadKey® and a LeadPod™?

LeadPod™ leads can be viewed and uploaded to our password protected online portal in real time.  LeadKey™ leads are stored within the device until they are uploaded to the portal by an Expo Logic staff member. For more information on these two devices visit Expo Logic’s Lead Retrieval page

I don’t have an iOS or Android device, how can I use the LeadPod™ app?

An exhibitor can rent a device directly from Expo Logic, which will include the app and allow the exhibitor to view their leads in real time. 


How do I retrieve my leads after the show has ended?

Expo Logic creates a personal Leads Portal, where each exhibitor’s leads are stored, and your login information is provided in your email confirmation of your order, as well as when you receive your Lead Retrieval device on-site. Please visit after your show has ended and click on the green Leads Portal button. Enter the username and password provided in your email confirmation to view your leads in the portal. All exhibitors can export their leads directly from their personal Leads Portal into an Excel spreadsheet. 

How long does Expo Logic keep a record of the leads that I scanned?

All leads are stored and accessible for 90 days after the close of the event.

How do the printers for lead retrieval work and what devices do they work with? 

Printers are available for our LeadPod™ only. Multiple devices cannot share one printer. Each device must have it’s own printer.

What information will be captured for each lead?

Our lead retrieval system will capture any information provided upon registration or from the event’s show management.  This typically includes first/last name, company, street address, phone, title, email address, and registration type. However, these items can differentiate per event.


What is delivery? Will Expo Logic deliver a lead retrieval device to my office or home?

Delivery is for exhibitors who are unable to leave their booth during set-up to pick up their lead retrieval from the Expo Logic desk. An Expo Logic staff member will deliver your device to you at your exhibiting booth. Please note that these devices must be returned to the Expo Logic staff desk post-show and will not be picked up by one of our staff members. 

What are custom qualifiers? 

They are words or phrases you can create to attach to the lead you have scanned. For example, instead of simply "Salesperson 1" or "Product A", you can create qualifiers that read "Jennifer's leads" or "Currently uses Company A." You can also create as many of your own custom qualifiers as you need for the specific event. 


How long can I make a custom qualifier? 

A custom qualifier can be no more than 25 characters including spaces. Contact our customer service team at [email protected] to order custom qualifiers.

What happens if I leave the event and forget to return my Lead Retrieval Device to Expo Logic? 
All lead retrieval rentals are for exhibitors to use throughout the entire event and will only need to be returned at the close of the show. If an exhibitor happens to forget to bring back the device and mistakenly takes it home with them, then they can call our customer support team at (484) 751-5100. They will make a note of your name and company and provide an address where the device must be shipped to avoid additional charges.

Does Expo Logic offer insurance for a lost, damaged, or a stolen device?

Yes, please call our customer service team at (484) 751-5100 for more information.

What are the dimensions of the devices? 
The LeadKey® is very small. The dimensions are 2.5” x 1.5” x 0.5”
The LeadPod™ device is the size of an iPhone 4. The dimensions are 4.5” x 2.5” x 0.5”

What type of barcode can the Lead Retrieval devices scan?

The LeadKey® can scan 1D barcodes.
The LeadPod™ can scan 1D, 2D, and QR barcodes.

Have more questions? Please view our videos or contact us for further information on both the LeadKey® and the LeadPod™.


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