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5 Event Marketing Tools in Your Online Community that Increase Registrations

Posted by Katie Baker

September 22, 2017

With so many tools available, deciding where and how to market your event can be daunting. Which channels will see the most return? What tactics will bring in the most new registrations?

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Move From Collaboration to Consensus for Your Events

Posted by Kate Dodd

May 10, 2017

In a community, everyone contributes and shares their opinions. That’s one reason communities can bring such value to associations and their members—everyone is involved and has a space at the table.

In fact, your community is the perfect place to get feedback on topics and ideas for your next event. It’s also a guaranteed way to satisfy your core constituents. Asking their opinion on conference themes and topics shows your community that you (1) care what they think and (2) are open to making changes to satisfy their needs.

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Topics: Expo Logic, Event Planning, Event Marketing, Event Management, Higher Logic, Online Communities

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