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Bring Your Exhibit Booth into the Future Using Augmented Reality

Posted by Katie Baker

October 20, 2017

With the upcoming release of the new iPhone X and iOS 11, you have probably already heard some talk about augmented reality (AR).

But what is it exactly? Why is everyone talking about it? What does augmented reality have to do with the event industry?

Allow us to help answer these questions and alleviate any confusion.

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Top Event Industry Trends In 2017

Posted by Kate Dodd

March 27, 2017

“The only constant is change” said one wise Greek philosopher, and that’s especially true in the meetings and events industry. Rapid changes in technology and a rise in attendee demands can leave event professionals scratching their collective heads as to how to sift through all the noise.

With all that’s changing in events, how do you know what trends to really pay attention to?

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Topics: Event Registration, Expo Logic News, Expo Logic, Event Planning, Event Management, Trade show, Growing Your Trade Show, Increasing Event Attendance, Conference Sponsorships, Event Revenue, Event Industry Trends

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