Increase Attendee Engagement with Touchable Tech

Touch is one of the first ways we learn as a kid. Toddlers are practically obsessed with being able to touch and feel everything so they can learn more. This is because the ability to physically touch and hold

No Cash, No Problem: How Cashless Payments Transformed the Attendee Experience

If you are anything like me, you barely carry cash anymore. Credit and debit cards have become the main method of payment these days so cash isn’t necessary. Other advances in technology, like Paypal and Apple Pay,

What Online Communities Can Learn from Events

Events are a time-tested tactic for getting people together and increasing engagement between organizations and their audience. They’ve continued to be successful even as technology has changed and people’s needs

5 Easy WAYS TO Stay Within Your Association’s Conference Budget

Budgeting is a pretty normal part of our lives. We have budgets for just about everything: Saving for a house, grocery shopping, planning a vacation, wedding planning, and the list goes on! If you’re an event

Using Drones at Your Event

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), more commonly known as drones, can be used for just about everything these days. From military operations to Amazon deliveries, and now even sold for entertainment use in your

“One of the best things about Expo Logic is their customer service”

Case Study: Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (NMLI) Holding 9 major meetings a year ranging in size from 150-15,000 attendees, NMLI had an ongoing staff burden to manage registration and print badges

How to Catalyze Your Entire Association to Impact Event Revenue

Is your association getting ready for a big event right now? Head on over to your event team’s desks. I’ll wait. You there? Ok – see the crazed look in their eyes? The un-brushed hair and seven o’clock (yes, seven)

Getting Personal: 6 Ways to Incorporate Attendee Personalization

Good friends know you by name. They know your favorite color and how you take your coffee. It’s a personal relationship that’s special and meaningful – and one that savvy event professionals are working to cultivate

Measuring Up: 9 Metrics to Track Event Success

Measuring event success is an important step which shouldn't be overlooked. Measuring success ensures you’re delivering on expectations for all of your key stakeholders: attendees, exhibitors, speakers and more.

"Expo Logic Revolutionized Our Event Registration Process and Made it Better"

Case Study: The Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Each year, between 2,500 and 3,500 individuals attend the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Annual Meeting and badges must be provided for each


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