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Make Event Badges Work for You with Badge Advertising

Posted by Katie Baker

September 28, 2017


Attendees wear badges from the start of your conference to the end, being seen by just about everyone. So why not earn a little extra revenue from this visibility?

Badge advertising is an easy and efficient way to generate additional sponsorship revenue. You can offer space on the front or back of the badge to be used for ads from your sponsors. Here are some of the other benefits badge advertising offers:

  • Multiple sponsorship opportunities – segment your attendee list into interest categories and place ads that correspond to these interests on the attendee’s badge. For instance, if the attendee is a Teacher then he or she might be interested in curriculum guides whereas a Principal might be interested in Teaching Staff Management.

  • Give sponsors more leads – when a company sponsors a certain interest category for badge advertising, offer them a list of attendees within that category so they can market to them

  • Allow multiple ads for one interest category – you can offer multiple sponsorship opportunities within one interest category and rotate the ads randomly on the badge. This can double or triple your sponsorship revenue easily!

  • Easy to setup using the Expo Logic registration system – we keep it simple so offering badge advertising to sponsors is hassle free

Principal Badgevertising Examples.jpg

Teacher Badgevertising Examples.jpg

Ready to start earning some extra revenue at your event? Get the most out of your badges and consider badge advertising at your next event.

Contact us for more information.


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